Friday, August 19, 2011

...someone surprisingly asked you what you needed from the grocery store?

This is something that would have happened a long time ago or if you have someone in your life who is always asking you what you need, but it is not so much a norm these days. If anything, we would all probably say right off the normal, eggs, bread and milk. We would say these three things because this is what we consume or need regularly to eat or to make something we are about to eat. In addition, because we use these items regularly, we normally know exactly how much we used and how much is left. Yet, what about those other things we use, but do not consume on the regular basis. It is those items that make us look to see exactly how much we have and how much we do not have. In other words, we have an inventory that needs to be checked and updated. Nevertheless, unless you are always looking to see what is on sale like a notorious 'coupon lady,' you really don't know.

So, with regards to being asked what you needed from the grocery store and knowing what is in your pantry, it also helps to know your strengths, weaknesses and gifts. When you and I know these things for ourselves, we can know exactly what to ask for, what to look for, and what to disregard. With that being said and embraced, we are less likely to settle for things we are so undeserving of. Think about it. It is only when we are uncertain, in denial or guilt-driven that we make decision based on impulse rather than wisdom or forethought.

Friday, August 12, 2011 walk into a doctor's office to a crying baby looking at you?

Obviously, this is something that happens quite frequently and sometimes, we as people are with that child or the one easily agitated by him or her because we were not feeling too good. Let alone, we may have been the restless ones going into see the doctor. Either way, all those in the doctor's office are affected by this upset child. You figure, a baby does not know how to talk, but they do know how to make noise and scream.

Yes, in times past, there was a time when everyone would help each other, but times have changed. Yes, this still may happen in few places, but for the most part, everyone has their guard up when it comes to accepting help from a complete stranger. For obvious reasons, the parents and caretakers care about the well being of today's youth. This is not say that the world is full of bad people, it is just that a lot of people need a lot of help and have become labeled according to what they did to others. How is this so? Talk to a "labeled" individual and you will find that in their heart, there is a preciousness indescribable.

Better yet, the next time you go to the store and buy a canned good, consider the following challenge and learn something about us human beings. When you get home or get together with some friends, take a few canned goods out, look at the label, sniff and smell the first but keep the labels on. Then, take the second can and remove the label and then sniff and smell. After doing so, consider the thought, "what I do not know, I may not see". With that thought in mind, consider this question, "how would I treat it differently?"

With all of this said and considered, we need to remember that we all have needs and sometimes the very things that annoy us, are actually reminders that there is an inner voice/cry that we need to attend to...